How To make The Best Dog Birthday Cake EVER!

Our tried and tested recipe for making the BEST dog birthday cake ever! This is a crowd favourite, so I hope you and your doggo will love it too!
Homemade dog birthday cake for Winky’s first birthday! Perfect size for two doggos!

Now that’s a big claim! But we have tried and tested this Dog Birthday Cake recipe, and it’s proven to be a crowd favourite! Our two love it so much that we made it twice this month alone! The best part is it’s made out of all dog-friendly ingredients! But, of course, everything is in moderation. So like, always be cautious when introducing your pup to a new food item.

We also have a few Dog Birthday Cake decorating tips at the end of the blog post so your fur child can have a cake that looks like a human birthday cake without using harmful ingredients! There is a number of ways you can customise this recipe. So you can truly make it unique to your needs!

Scroll down to download the recipe card.

Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

We sourced all our ingredients from our local organic store. They are all dog friendly, healthy, and 100% natural ingredients except for cream cheese yogurt drops; unfortunately, there’s no other way that I know of to do a good frosting, get the drip effect on cakes and make sprinkles. They are safe to give to your dogs in moderation, take caution if your dog has allergies.

The cake is super easy to make, but it does take about 2-3 hours in total (including cooking time and time to decorate the cake) to make it. Please refer to the notes for more tips. For the larger cake in the photos, we used this recipe as is. For the smaller cake (the cake we made on Winky’s birthday), we halved the recipe.


Cake baseFrosting
2 ½ cup pumpkin/carrot puree
½ cup 100% smooth peanut butter – no xylitol
¼ cup coconut oil melted (extra to coat the moulds)
½ cup Keffir milk / yogurt ½ cup bone broth (optional)
1 tablespoon honey (optional)
8 quail eggs / 2 Chicken eggs (room temp)
1 cup Chickpea or Oat flour
2 ½ teaspoon baking soda
500g cream cheese (room temp)
½ cup tapioca powder

dog yogurt drops 250 g (white)
1 teaspoon beetroot powder
dry rose petals
raspberry powder
gold leaf


Pre-heat the oven to 160ºC – Cake cooks fluffy and airy when cooked at low temperature, you can reduce the cooking time by increasing the temp to 180ºC but do not recommend temperatures above it.
Coat cake pans with coconut oil
Mix the wet ingredients for the base in a large bowl
Add flour and baking soda and fold the mixture (do not over-mix it, over mixing can make the cake hard)
Fill the cake trays bake time depends on the pan – see notes
Bake until toothpick comes out clean and let it cool down
Place the cake in the fridge for couple of hours for ease of decoration



Whisk cream cheese untill cremy and slowly add tapioca powder to make the frosting

Other decorations

Melt the yogurt drops in a microwave slowly (1000 W microwave, 50% power for 5x 30 seconds)
Melted yogurt drops can be used as a drip and to make sprinkles
Use gold leaf, flower petals and raspberry powder to decorate as desired (see photos for inspiration)
Refer to our dog doughnuts recipe for to include them on your cake!

Dog Birthday Cake Recipe Notes

Ingredients – You can replace most of the ingredients with other similar ingredients and customise the recipe to your liking

Making Purée – To make pumpkin purée, cut the pumpkin pieces for 1 inch in size microwave (1000W) for 8 min in full power. Similar for carrot pieces.

Baking trays – For the smaller cake we used 2x 10cm springform pans – cook time 35 min at 160ºC) For the larger cake, we used a 20cm pan (cook time 35 min at 160ºC) and a deep cake pan (replace with 2x 10cm springform pan) – cook time 50 min at 160ºC. We do not recommend the deep cake pan as the cooking time is unpredictable, and chances are our layers will burn.

Making Sprinkles – We used 0.4mm stencil sheets and cut our desired shape (hearts for the smaller cake) using a Cricut maker. But you can use store-bought stencils. To make the sprinkles, place the stencil on a smooth surface (another stencil paper). Spread the melted yogurt layer evenly, and remove the stencil. Let the sprinkles cool down (you can place them in the fridge). Remove the stencils using a sharp tool (a knife would do).

Downloadable recipe card for the Dog Birthday Cake
Recipe card for Dog Birthday Cake

We hope you’ll love this recipe as much as we do! And we hope it’ll become your goto doggo birthday cake recipe! do let us know if you make it and how you went about it. We’ve love to hear from you!

Woofs! x


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